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Let's face it, we all LOVE what we do but we are most times not a fan of the Administrative and Logistical side of the business. There are more days you feel like you want to call it quits than days that are actually uplifting because you keep working and working but seem not to be making any profits in your business. You don't have to run your business in such a manner where you are investing all of your time, money, efforts and it seems like it's the same cycle over and over. TOJ Educates is for any Event Professional in the Events and Wedding Industry looking to get out of that stuck phase they are in their business. I have had the opportunity as a planner to work with many Event Professionals over the course of my 7 years planning and seen a ton of things that I can speak to in how to conduct a professional business and deliver an exceptional customer service experience. I've made so many mistakes in my planning business. At the time, no one was willing to share what they knew or mistakes they had made to prevent me from making the same mistakes. I had to navigate and figure out myself through several trials, errors, conferences, masterclasses, countless research on Google and Youtube and eventually found the right path to running a successful and profitable business!

Have you found yourself investing your money into all sorts of business conferences and seminars but after attending, you felt like the speakers were all fluff and provided only top surface information. You leave there wanting more information and seeking for that one on one connection and mentoring that targets the problem areas in your business. If you fit this description, then you need to sign up for TOJ Educates.
Jewel is passionate and ready to provide intimate one on one sessions to business owners who are just starting out and trying to figure out their balance and direction. She can only take on a limited number of individuals in a year as she devotes and dedicates her time to ensure that you get clarity about your business after your mentoring sessions with her.


What to expect Jewel to review with you when you book your session with her:

We will discuss this and much more! Depending on how much help and guidance you need for your business, you will get to determine how many sessions you need with Jewel. All mentees who book 3 or more sessions will get an opportunity to attend one of Jewel's events for observation as well as a one on one vendor or design meeting with a client. This mentorship is not limited to only Wedding and Event planners but open to all business professionals in their early to mid years in business.

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Overview of your business structure

Back story & Motivation about how you started your business

Who is your ideal Clientele?

What does your Brand represent?

What is your pricing structure?

What does your social presence look like?

Are you running a profitable or charitable business?

Are you Marketing your business well?

Struggle with getting or following up with serious Leads

Business and Financial health of your business

Effective CRMs for your business

Jewel offers a 9-month internship program to individuals considering a career in the Wedding and Event Planning industry. Some of her current event coordinators passed through the TOJ Internship program and are 2 to 4 years in with Touch of Jewel Events. A few others have gone off to start their own business after completion of the internship program. The internship program is only offered to 2 individuals in a year to give full attention to our interns. There is a thorough application and interview process and applicants can apply between October and February for the 9-month internship program between March to November.

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