OK! I am a die hard romantic and a secret fan of all JLo’s wedding movies. I can watch the Wedding Planner movie over and over again. These movies make wedding planning seem so easy, but I can assure you that planning a wedding really isn’t for the faint of heart! 

Our couples understand that planning a wedding is more than just being ‘organized’ or ‘googling vendors’; the services we provide as wedding planners extend far beyond that. It is a white glove concierge experience that our Gems experience.

There are so many parts of the planning process that keeps us feeling blessed and fulfilled. The happy tears, jaw dropping face, tight hugs, the thank yous from family members, the tips in money and gifts and the post wedding relationship with my clients is what keeps me doing this over and over again!.

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What  You Can Expect...

What  You Can Expect  From TOJ...

Founder And Creative Director

Meet Jewel Odeyemi

In 2009, a young Nigerian-American college girl from Dallas, TX got engaged to a British-Nigerian-American graduate and sought to hire a wedding planner to plan their multi-day 800 guests ethnic and cultural wedding. This ‘bride-to-be’ did not find any planner in the Dallas area at the time and embarked on the journey to planning her own wedding. She gave herself 15 months to plan; oh boy, that planning journey was so stressful but adventurous and fun. It was a huge learning experience! 

Our engagement became strained, we weren’t enjoying dating ourselves anymore, planning a wedding consumed our entire lives, we had fights about decision making, arguments about financial budgeting arguments and then had to deal with parents and family drama on top of that! At that moment, we realized to get professional help and we hired a wedding planner from out of state to step in and take over. I was that girl! I was organized, I was a ‘Google Guru’! But it was at that moment, I understood the value of a wedding planner. 

We got married and have lived happily for 10 years and still counting! After getting married and helping friends plan their weddings over the next couple of years and getting referrals and compliments, I realized that I was creating memorable moments through incredible celebrations and that lit a fire in me, and I was really good at it. I knew I had to take that passion and channel it into a career. Out of that passion, Touch of Jewel Events & Designs was born.

When I plan, design and execute my client’s event, I can fully relate and empathize and help overcome all of their relationship, budgeting, family and indecisiveness concerns. 

So what are you waiting for lets get you a 

Touch Of Jewel


You hear wedding planning is painful .. lots of stress and the first true test of relationships. Well, that was not our experience. Jewel & her amazing TOJ team made the entire process a breeze!

She is very meticulous and detail oriented, literally anticipated every eventuality and had every detail under control! More importantly she made us feel heard, and helped us design the intimate beautiful ceremony of our dreams. Putting it lightly, having Touch of Jewel plan the entire wedding was the best vendor/service investment we made in our wedding journey and we would recommend them a million times over !

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Ebby is our Director of Events. She is the glue to ensuring all processes are flowing in the appropriate manner. Her exquisite logistics & details skills are unmatched, she keeps all of our vendor teams in check, she is professionally firm, LOL, don’t mess with Ebby because she takes no-nonsense. As an entrepreneur herself, she truly understands what a it takes to run a business and as a Nurse Practitioner, her people skills and bedside manner makes all our couples fall in love with her.

Ebby S.

As the longest standing member of the team and now our Event Manager, Dayo has always been a selfless being. She has seen the growth of the company and is always looking for ways for us to keep innovating ourselves and our brand. Dayo is usually on the forefront with our clients on the wedding day to oversee the assigned team working the event, manage the vendors executing on the day and just make sure everything on the front end is working great. 

Dayo J.

Hope is our Executive Administrative Assistant. Our clients usually don’t get to see her because she’s always creating all the magic behind the scenes. If you’re wondering who is behind our social media management, our intense spreadsheet creation, creating our clients wedding websites, conducting all the client and market research needed to execute our events successfully, and any other creative projects we have going on, it is Hope. We cherish how much she values our brand and always thinking about everything to ensure our process is effective for our clients.

Hope C.

Ebby S.

director Of Events


event  Manager

Hope c.

Administrative Assistant