We love our clients to work with our recommended event professionals just as much as we know you do! For every client that you refer and books us, we would like to offer them a "thank you" concession of up to $3500 off their planning fees.

Meet Jewel

I'm Jewel Odeyemi, Founder of Touch of Jewel Events and Designs, and we specialize in planning & producing weddings, corporate and special events for the premium and luxury clientele. Our team of planners and event coordinators ensures that each wedding or event is tailored to the unique needs and dreams of our clients. We only offer an exclusive Full Planning Experience for couples and clients who want a white glove concierge approach to their special day. This elite planning experience consists of three phases: Planning, Design, and Production. We refer our clients with budgets under $80k to our sister company, Thalia Amor Events; where we have a minimum starting budget of $40k!


We offer a comprehensive range of event planning logistics services for weddings. The team is led by Jewel, who is the primary point of contact throughout the planning process, and a personalized client portal is created for efficient communication between the couple and the team.

The services include complimentary consultation, pre-wedding planning meetings, unlimited phone/text/email support, scheduling and attending all vendor meetings, monthly timeline setup, monthly planning calls and email updates, creating custom wedding timelines, venue recommendations, setup and attending all food & beverage tastings, including cake/desserts, vendor and venue liaison, guest travel and accommodation planning, vendor recommendations, budget analysis creation and guidance, send payment due updates and reminders, track all client payments to vendors, monthly timeline email reminders, contract negotiation, review all vendor contracts, cost list management, personalized client portal, and wedding party management.

With these services, the team at Touch of Jewel Events and Designs ensures that every aspect of the wedding planning process is taken care of, allowing the couple to relax and enjoy their special day.

PHASE 2 - design

We offer event design and styling services for weddings to ensure all visual aspects of the event are cohesive and well-branded. The company focuses on creating overall aesthetics for the event and executing the details of the design vision.

The services offered include full custom event design, custom mood board creation, wedding colors and scheme selection, multiple vendor walkthroughs at the venue, floral design, rental company, decor company, dance floor company, lighting company, rigging company, production company, decor design meeting, floral design meeting, custom floor plan design, room draping design, lighting and special effects, dance floor design, sourcing specialty tabletop decor, hand select dinnerware and glassware, custom wedding invitations sourcing and design, day of stationery sourcing and design, sourcing specialty furniture, entertainment coordination with the event theme, bridal gown/tux consultation, wedding party outfit suggestions, outfits recommendations, and sourcing, e-session styling planning and management, specialty items sourcing and rentals, DJ facade design, and custom chargers, napkins, drink stirrers, etc.


Event Production: This is where everything comes together full circle for your event. All of the pieces we have been working on for months and years are finally being put together on the production day. Our team is present from the getting ready location to the ceremony location to the reception location ready to dedicate more than 20 hours of our day. Most times, production actually begins about 4 days prior to the wedding day depending on the intricacy of the event design. Our team stays till the very end after all vendors have broken down and cleared out, and we do one last sweep of the entire venue for the protection of our client. 

The services included in Event Production are: Final Venue Walk Through, Final Vendor Walk-Through Meetings, Wedding Rehearsal Coordination, Wedding Party Management, All-day Wedding Day Coordination, Wedding Day Setup Logistics, Transportation Logistics Coordination, Client & VIP Relations, Lead Event Planner & Coordinator, Wedding Coordinators & Assistants, After Wedding Management, Item Returns, and Complimentary use of TOJ Inventory.

client investment BEFORE CONCESSION

client investment AFTER CONCESSION

Retainer $3000 plus 10% of clients budget

EX; clients Budget: $80k
PLANNING FEE: $3000 + 10% OF $80K = $11000

Retainer $3000 + 8% of clients budget 

EX; clients Budget: $80k
 PLANNING FEE: $3000 + 8% OF $80K = $9400

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