Invest in the transformation of your business with personalized guidance from Jewel. Beyond the passion driving your craft, the intricacies of business operations can pose overwhelming challenges. These hurdles may lead to frustration, creating a loop of effort with minimal returns.

I'm Jewel, and I specialize in exclusive one-on-one sessions for business owners navigating the entrepreneurial landscape. By limiting the number of clients annually, I ensure dedicated time for profound insights and strategic direction. My mentoring goes beyond the conventional—I am here to empower you. Together, we'll dissect challenges, unravel complexities, and chart a course for success. My aim is to equip you with actionable insights that make a tangible impact on your journey. With a curated schedule, these intimate sessions provide optimal 1:1 attention. Your success is my priority. By sharing your aspirations, questions, and concerns, we tailor each session to your specific needs.

Prepare for meaningful discussions during our sessions. Share details in advance at to ensure our call is efficient and productive.

Mentees will also have an opportunity to shadow one full event planning process from initial client consultation to vendor meetings to design process and finally being a part of the event day production & execution. Mentees will be responsible for all travel & accommodation fees as applicable.

I eagerly anticipate connecting with you, and contributing to the growth of your business. Let's embark on this collaborative journey, turning your aspirations into achievements. I look forward to our conversation.

Business Mentorship: Your Path to Success

Time - 10 (1 Hr) Virtual coaching sessions + 1 full day event shadowing 

Price - $1699


Price - $1699


Pay in full - $1699 |  Split 2 payments of $849.50

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